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* International Transaction Names: Idico Urban And Industrial Zone Development Company Limited.
* Short Name: IDICO-URBIZ
* Address: Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Zone, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province, VietNam.
* Tel: 061.3560475 - Fax: 061.3560477
* E-mail:


Head office of IDICO- URBIZ
Idico Urban and Industrial zone Development Company Limited (IDICO-URBIZ), known as Urban and Industrial Zone Development Company, was established under the Decision No 031A/BXD-TCLĐ dated April 17, 1993 by the Minister of Construction and has become the official member of Viet Nam Urban and Industrial zone Development Investment Corporation (IDICO) – Ministry of Construction in according to the Decision No 1717/QĐ-BXD dated December 6th, 2000 by the Minister of Construction.
IDICO-URBIZ has transformed into Limited Company under the Decision No 577/QĐ-BXD dated April 17, 2007 by the Minister of Construction.
At present, IDICO-URBIZ has transformed to limited company in accordance with the Decision No 577/QD-BXD dated April 17th, 2007 by the Minister of Construction.
Certificate of Business Registration No 4704000125 was issued by Department of Plan and Investment of Dong Nai dated June 6th, 2007.
The continuous and sustainable development of IDICO-URBIZ is due to the company’s strategy about the product, respect for customer benefits, the best service and responsibility for the local environment.
Main Business Lines are included as follows:
* Investment in construction, trading and development of housing and technical infrastructure in industrial zone, urban and residential area, economic park, projects on industrial development, transport, sea ports, hydropower, power, water supply and drainage as well as BOT and BO projects on development of power, transport and port.                                                      
* Investment in civil and industrial construction, transport, irrigational works, hydropower, projects on urban and industrial infrastructure technical, residential plot, electric wire and power substation projects and waste water treatment projects.
* Construction consultant on industrial and civil projects, electric wire and power substation, urban infrastructure, projects on urban and industrial development, hi-tech park, economic zones, rural residential plot, including planning for investment project management, supervision for work quality, exploration, research, application and transfer of new technology, information technology, construction technology.
* Manufacture, exploitation, process, business on building materials. Business on gas station and liquid gas. Manufacture and business on concrete structure and metal accessories used for construction
* Managing investment projects
IDICO-URBIZ is well-equipped with modern tools, machines and other special applied solfwares to meet the needs of construction, project management, supervision, design and business to the highest degree.
We take pride ourselves in giving creative construction and investment solutions for customers. We truly believe that our successful history and strong development resulted from our best service quality not only to meet but also exceed customers’needs.Only when our customers are served complete and proffessional services with a competitive price does our susscess come true. Our sayings is “ We build your projects, we build our trust”.
The Formation and Development of IDICO-URBIZ
Phase 1991 -1996:
 In 1991, Urban and Industrial Zone Development company was established on the basis of the intergration of 3 members: Petrochemical filtering construction company, Service Enterprise No2 and Cambodia Party School.
 To overcome difficulties at the beginnning of establishment, our company considered investment and construction as main business lines. The first project to be issued to invest was Tuy Ha A Industrial zone with the total area of 100 hectares at Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai by the Prime Minister. On January 3rd, the Prime Minister signed the Decisison No 02/TTg in regards to passing 100 hectare- land at Nhon Trach District for investment and trade of Technical Infrastructure of Tuy Ha A Industrial Zone, which was among the first industrial zones in Viet Nam.
Phase 1997-2000: To perform the Decision No 715TTg dated August 30th, 1997 issued by the Prime Minister in accordance with formation and approval for investment projects on Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Zone construction and trade as well as the Decision No 60/QD-TTg dated January 22nd, 1998 in regards to land rental for investment in construction, our company was continuosly invested in construction, expansion and completion of technical infrastructure in order to attract more investment projects into the Industrial zones.
Phase 2001 - 2006: Together with the oustanding development in financial ability, facilities and working staff, the Ministry of Construction chose our company to be the core to establish Urban and Industrial Zone Development Corporation at the Decision No 26/2000/QD-BXD.
 Once becoming an official member of VietNam Urban and Industrial Zone Development Corporation ( IDICO ) under the Decision No 1717/QĐ-BXD by the Minister of Construction, IDICO-URIZ coped with the certain difficulities. Management staff of IDICO were mainly appointed from IDICO-URBIZ, besides properites, machines and facilities were separated into 3 subsidaries of IDICO.
Phase 2001-2003, At this phase, attracting the investment projects came up to expectaion, taking up 51% of the total area with the total investment capital of 150 million USD and reached average speed of growth of 35% per year.
In 2002, The Chairman awarded the company the following medals: “Labour Medal class 2” for working staff having excellent records at the phase 1997-2001 under the Decision No841/2002/QĐ/CTN dated November 27th, 2002.
At the beginning of 2003:IDICO URBIZ offered and was approved to be the Investor of the following projects :-An Hoa Residential Area with the area of 3.9 hectares at Long Thanh District, Dong Nai province under the Land- passing Decision No 1141/QĐ.CT.UBT dated March 21th, 2005 by Dong Nai People’s Committee.
- Residential area for specialists and workers with the area of 20 hectares at Long An commune, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province. Together with the success of Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Zone which was highly appreciated by Departments of Dong Nai province, it can be seen that IDICO URBIZ has been on the right way, which helps URBIZ to keep investing in other industrial zones.On March 3rd, 2003 People’s Committee of Vinh Phuc passed land to IDICO-URBIZ in order to invest in Kim Hoa Industrial Zone under the Decision No 954/QĐ-UB. A 50 hectare- area for use in the first stage was fullfilled, URBIZ has been completing necessary procedures to expand Kim Hoa Industrial Zone for the 2nd stage.
On May 30th, 2003, the Minister of Construction enacted the Decision No 744/QĐ-BXD in regards to intergration of Infrastructure Investment Company (INDICO) into Urban and Industrial Zone Development.
Stage 2004-2006: IDICO-URBIZ made its effort to attract investors into the projects in progress by many ways such as improving living standards of working staff, giving job opportunities to local people, developing communication system, traffic inside and outside the Industrial zone and bringing the trademark “ IDICO-URBIZ” to domestic and overseas investors.
From 2007 up to now: To carry out the Innovation policy to rearrange and enhance the effectiveness of State Enterprises, the Minister of Construction released the Decision No 577/QD-BXD dated April 17th, 2007 in regards to transforming Urban and Industrial Zone development into IDICO Urban and Industrial Zone Development Co.,Ltd under Vietnam Urban and Industrial Zone Development Corporation operating in the form of Mother Corporation- subsidiaries.
In 2010, The Chairman awarded IDICO-URBIZ “ the Labour Medal Class 1”for the working group having excellent achievement at the phase 2002-2009 under the Decision No 1781/QĐ/CTN dated October 14th, 2010.

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