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Conditions of export and import.
Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Zone has advantages on export and import:
- 22 kilometres far from Phu My Port ( available for 72.000 ton- ships landing and unloading container and oversized machines ).

- 15 kilometres far from Go Dau Port( available for 15.000 ton- ships landing and unloading container and oversized machines ).

Domestic Consumption.

Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Zone- the new industrial city- is located in the southern key economic region, which is Ho Chi Minh- Bien Hoa- Vung Tau. It is completely suitable for supplying goods to 3 biggest markets of Viet Nam: Vung Tau with a population of 2.000.000 people (60 kilometres) far away), Bien Hoa with a population of 900.000 people (40 kilometres far away) and 5.000.000 people (60 kilometres far away).  It is also suitable for delivering goods to other parts of the country and overseas.

Recruitment conditions:

Located in the new developing and transforming city, labor force in the industrial zone is abundant with the average salary as follows:

- 70 -100 USD/person/month for common labors. Labors in the surrounding area fully meet labor demand for investment projects in the industrial zone

- 100-150 USD/person/month for skilled labors.

Tax allowance
Income tax:

Business income tax rate for enterprises in the industrial zone is 20% within 10 years from the operation and 28% in the following years. Enterprises in the industrial zone are exempt from taxation within 2 years and 50% reduction for 3 following years since taxable income.

Taxation for oversea transferred profits: Profits from foreign investment in VietNam whether kept in Viet Nam or transfered overseas are tax free under the Circular No 26/2004/TT-BTC dated March 31st, 2004 of the Ministry of Finance.

Import tax and VAT:

are exempt from import tax and VAT Tax for goods imported to be fixed assets.

- Equipments, machines and material which can’t be produced in Viet Nam.

- Special purpose means of transport in production line, vehicles carrying workers from 24 seats and over and attached parts, details, loose pieces and accompanying accessories, imported materials to manufacture attached parts, details, loose pieces and accompanying accessories.

- Projects for manufacturing mechanical, electrical and electronic accessories are import tax-free for the raw materials and ingredients within the first 5 years

-Materials and loose components imported to process exports under the signed contract are exempt from the import duty.

- Materials and loose components imported to process exports are import tax defferal as stipulated at Import tax Law and once exporting complete products, remission of import taxes for the imported materials are calculated at the rate eligible for the proportion of exported complete products. In the time of remission of import taxes, VAT payment is temporarily delayed. 

- Selling goods produced from imported materials to other enterprises for direct production for exports will be tax rebated, including import tax and VAT, eligible for the amount of imported goods.

a. Road: Nhon Trach 1 Industrial zone is located in the Southern key economic region among Ho Chi Minh city- Bien Hoa city- Vung Tau city with many advantages on road and water transportation. It is 60 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh city, 40 kilometres from Bien Hoa city and 60 kilometres from Vung Tau city.
In the future, when the project “Ho Chi Minh- Long Thanh- Dau Day Expressway” comes into operation, the distance from Nhon Trach 1 industrial zone to Ho Chi Minh city is only 24 kilometres..
b. Water road:
 Nhon Trach 1 industrial zone is:
- 48 kilometres far from Sai Gon port.
- 60 kilometres far from Vung Tau port.
- 20 kilometres far from Phu My port (available for 72 000 ton-ships landing and unloading container and oversized machines).
- 15 kilometres far from Go Dau port (available for 15.000 ton- ships landing and unloading container and oversized machines).
Land character:
  Nhon Trach 1 industrial zone is located at the highest position in Nhon Trach industrial city with the following characters:
- Height above sea level:                28m
- Average humidity       :                 62 - 84%
- Average temperature     :               27oC
- Average manual rainfall:               1.832 mm
- Soil bearing capacity   :                 1,5 - 2,5 kg/cm2
( Convenient for the construction of project without strengthening and pilling the foundation and resulting in significant reduction of construction cost )
Power supply and industrial infrastructure services.
 * Power supply: Nhon Trach 1 Industrial zone is available with the 110/22KV Power substation with the capacity of 103MVA, which is chiefly supplying power to production factories in the industrial zone. The power supply to this substation is connected from 3 sources of National power network: one source from 220/110KV substation in Long Binh, one from Phu My Thermal power plant and one from Ham Thuan- Da My Hydropower plant. Consquently, the power supply to the industrial zone is always stable. IDICO URBIZ assures to supply 22 KV power to the fence of factories continuously 24 hours/day.
* Water supply: Water supply is from the underground water plant with the volume of 15.000 m3/day, which is chiefly supplying water for production and domestic usages of factories in Nhon Trach 1 industrial zone and surrounding industrial zones. IDICO URBIZ assures to supply water to the fence of factories continuously 24 hours/day.
* Telecommunication system: The industrial zone is available with sufficient telecommunication network assuring domestic and international services. This network provides a wide range of telecommunciation applications such as telephone mobile, fax and internet for investors. The time to supply these services is within 7-10 days.
* Water drainage system: There are 2 separate sewage pipeline systems: one for storm water and one for industrial waste water.
* Waste water treatment: There’s one waste water treatment plant for the whole industrial zone as well as surrounding ones with the volume of 4.000 m3/ day and night. IDICO URBIZ assures to receive waste water from the fence of factories to discharge into waste water treatment plant of the industrial zone.


Headoffice : Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Zone, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province.
Tel : 84 61.3560.475 

Fax : 84 61.3560.477

Emai: urbizco@hcm.vnn.vn
Website : http:/www.idico.vn

2. Representative Office in Ha Noi: HH3 Building, My Dinh urban area, Me Tri district, Ha Noi.

Tel/Fax : (84) 04.37877928

3. Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh city.
No 151-ter, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city.
Tel. 84 8 9351901 Fax: 84 8 9312705


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